The work of John Jasperse Projects over the years has been realized through the good fortune of a long list of exceptional collaborators (both dance artists and artists in other fields) and through the support of talented and dedicated managers, administrators, technicians and board members. In honoring their contributions that have defined the work over the years, below is a list in rough chronological order of the artists, managers, administrators, technicians and board members who have worked with JJP over the years. We are in awe of their talent, dedication and artistry, and we are deeply grateful to them for their generosity in sharing their gifts and making the work what it is.

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Claire Maxwell
Jennifer Lacey
Jennifer Monson 
Scott Smith
John Evans
Conor McTeague
Alexis Eupierre
Olga Mesa
Jo McKendry
Matthew Carmody
Susan Braham
Rebecca Hermos
John Heginbotham
Mark DeChiazza
Roberto Martocci
Susie Heijari
Luis Lara
Jon Kinzel
Allan Tibbets
Larry Keigwin
Parker Lutz
Juliette Mapp
Miguel Gutierrez
Jennifer Allen
Greg Zuccolo
Levi Gonzalez
Eleanor Hullihan
Steven Featherhuff
Katy Pyle
Rachel Poirier
Jonah Bokaer
Davy Brun
Liz Roche
Luciana Achugar
Rebecca Hilton
Jodi Melnick
Kayvon Pourazar
Michele Boulé
Erin Cornell
Neal Beasley
Lindsay Clark
James McGinn
Kennis Hawkins
Burr Johnson
Ben Asriel
Erika Hand
Maggie Cloud
Simon Courchel
Malcolm Low
Stuart Singer
Heather Lang
Marc Crousillat
Claire Westby 
DeAngelo Blanchard
Mina Nishimura
Antonio Ramos

Composer/Sound Designers

Ikue Mori (Door to the River)
Zeena Parkins (Rickety Perch; Prone; and Misuse Liable to Prosecution)
Chris Cochrane (Eyes Half Closed)
James Lo (furnished/unfurnished; Excessories; Waving to you from here; and Scrawl)
Hahn Rowe (Madison as I imagine it; Becky, Jodi and John; Truth, Revised Histories, Wishful Thinking and Flat Out Lies; Canyon; and Hinterland)
Jonathan Bepler (CALIFORNIA; Within between)
Michael Floyd (sound mix for Fort Blossom and Giant Empty; composer for à double face)
Christian Fennesz (Giant Empty)
Chris Peck (just two dancers)
John King (Remains)

Lighting Designers

David Ferri (Eyes Half Closed)
Carol Mullins (Rickety Perch; furnished/unfurnished)
Philip Sandström (Excessories, Waving to you from here)
Stan Presner (Madison as I imagine it;  Fort Blossom; Giant Empty)
Joe Levasseur (2002-2009; and Hinterland)
James Clotfelter (Canyon)
Lenore Doxsee (Within between; and Remains)

Visual Designers

Scott Pask (Madison as I imagine it)
Matthias Brigmann (Giant Empty)
Margie Medlin (à double face)
Ammar Eloueini (CALIFORNIA)
Tony Orrico (Canyon)

Costume Designers

Katryn Schnabl (Waving to you from here, Excessories)
Kathy Kemp (See Through Knot)
Trosman Churba (Giant Empty)
Jmy Leary (Misuse Liable to Prosecution)
Deanna Berg (Truth, Revised Histories, Wishful Thinking, and Flat Out Lies; and Fort Blossom)
Kota Yamazaki (Hinterland)


Ariel Osterweis (Within between)

Managerial and Administrative Staff (partial list)

Joseph Lenon
San San Kwan
Kate Maurer
Robert Russo
Barbara Bryan (2000-2012)
Michelle Boulé
Julie Alexander
iele paloumpis
Stephanie Cali
Steinunn Ketilsdóttir
Jmy Leary
Michael Mitchell
Michel Repellin
Blandine Delcroix
Jean-Marc Menu
Renée Archibald
Bessie Mcdonough Thayer
Christiana Axelsen
Cate DiGiralamo
Hadley Smith
Stuart Singer
Anna Rogovoy
Benedict Nguyen
Annie Heath

Production Staff (partial list)

Leo Janks
Roderick Murray
Joe Levasseur
Joey Benjamin
Dave Cooke
Stuart Dance
Rory Mulholland
James Clotfelter
Fattah of Marakesh Tailor
Sarah Lurie

Board of Directors

Penelope Dannenberg
Jo McKendry
John Jasperse
Jenny Palmer
Howard Seligman
Thierry Leonardi *
Marion Bastien *
* indicates Board of now dissolved Association Chapitre II