Hinterland (2018)

NY Quadrille: John Jasperse – Gus Solomons Jr., Solomons Says 9/27/18

John Jasperse Projects, Joyce Theater, New York — feel the powerlessness – Apollinaire Scherr, Financial Times 9/27/18

At the Joyce, a Rearranged Theater Brings Mystery and Orthodoxy – Alastair Macaulay, NYTimes 10/1/18

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31 Days Of Plots: NY Quadrille Series – 12/4/18

Freeing Craft – Hope Mohr 9/28/18

Put This on Your Radar – Martha Sherman, dancelog 8/15/18

The Joyce Gets a Stunning Makeover for NY Quadrille – Susan Reiter 9/26/18

Remains (2016)

Re-envisioning Shreds of Memory – Deborah Jowitt, DanceBeat 9/25/16

Dance That Playfully Brings Art History to Life – Brian Seibert, NYTimes 9/22/16

John Jasperse, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY – ‘Enchanting’ – Apollinaire Scherr, Financial Times 9/22/16

‘Remains’ Review: Using Art History to Shape Bodies – Robert Greskovic, Wall Street Journal 9/27/16

Forward and backward and forward with John Jasperse – Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body 9/22/16

A Spectacle, a Smorgasbord, a Show: John Jasperse’s Remains at BAM – Rachel Rizzuto, Bachtrack 9/23/16

John Jasperse’s ‘Remains’ at Next Wave – Gus Solomons Jr., Solomons Says 9/26/16

John Jasperse Hopes ‘Remains’ Lasts After the Dancing Stops – Gia Kourlas, NYTimes 9/20/16

John Jasperse Somehow Stops Time While Moving It Forward in Remains – Michaela Dwyer, Indy Week 7/12/16

Within between (2014)

Blurring Thresholds – Deborah Jowitt, DanceBeat 6/2/14

Odd, Exciting, Lovely, Subversive: John Jasperse’s Within between – Rachel Rizzuto, bachtrack 5/30/14

A Different Kind of Pole Dance – Martha Sherman, danceviewtimes, 6/3/14

Impressions of: John Jasperse and “Within between” – Garnet Henderson, The Dance Enthusiast, 6/4/14

Choreographer John Jasperse finds space to dance inside the cracks – Robert Johnson, Star Ledger, 5/30/14

Working to Upend His Own Identity John Jasperse Reaches Into the Audience in ‘Within Between’ – Siobhan Burke, NYTimes 5/29/14

John Jasperse Investigating Himself – Charmaine Warren, 6/12/14

Fort Blossomrevisited (2000/2012)

Intimacy’s Many Facets – Alistair MacCaulay, NYTimes 5/10/12

DANCE REVIEW; Of Men Who Go Naked With Women Who Aren’t – Anna Kisselgoff, NYTimes 6/3/00

Consider the Body – Deborah Jowitt, DanceBeat 5/16/12

Fort Blossom revisited – Suzanne Carboneau, Bryn Mawr College 1/28/12

Quick Q&A: John Jasperse – Wendy Perron, Dance Magazine 1/1/13

John Jasperse’s Fort Blossom revisited 2000/2012 – Merilyn Jackson, The Philadelphia Inquirer 2/27/13

Focus Dance with Eiko and Koma & John Jasperse Projects – Marina Harss, DanceTabs 1/14/13

Turning the tables on the “male gaze” – Jonathan M. Stein, Broad Street Review 2/28/12

Bryn Mawr Series Welcomes John Jasperse Company for a Week’s Residency, Culminating in the World Premiere of Fort Blossom revisited (2000/2012) – Steven Weisz, The Dance Journal 2/21/12

Canyon (2011)

The Phenomenological Wow: John Jasperse’s Canyon at BAM Next Wave – Audrey Lane Ellis, The L Magazine 11/18/11

Body and Brain Both Stretched To Their Limits – Gia Kourlas, NYTimes 11/11/11

Navigating Through Time and Space– Claudia LaRocco, NYTimes 11/17/11

John Jasperse: Weak-kneed dances with a philosophical bent – Robert Johnson, The Star Ledger 11/19/11

John Jasperse’s Canyon – Lauren Bakst, BOMB Magazine 8/15/11

The supremacy of the intellect is humbled into a state of awe with John Jasperse’s Canyon – Stephen Weisz, The Dance Journal 9/6/11

Choreographer John Jasperse to deepen “Canyon” at Mass MoCA – Larry Murray, Berkshire on Stage 8/12/11

John Jasperse’s “Canyon’ at the Fringe Festival, Confronting the inexplicable – Jonathan M. Stein, Broad Street Review 9/13/11

Inside the Creative Process – Queens Buzz 5/2/11

Mass MoCA presents ‘Canyon,’ a work in progress – Tresca Weinstein, Times Union 8/25/11

Truth, Revised Histories, Wishful Thinking, and Flat Out Lies (2009)

John Jasperse and Nicholas Leichter View Artifice Through Different Lenses – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice 6/22/10

Hamming It Up, With Pink Light, Flashes of Murakami and Flowered Bikinis – Roslyn Sulcas, NYTimes 6/18/10

John Jasperse Company Review – Susan Yung, Dance Magazine 7/2/10

It’s Not All Black and White – Martha Sherman, danceviewtimes 6/16/10

Dance review: John Jasperse’s flirty West Coast premiere at REDCAT – Victoria Looseleaf, Los Angeles Times 4/15/10

The Truth According to John Jasperse – ARTBURST 8/5/16

Performance: John Jasperse and a Choreographers’ Evening – Caroline Palmer, StarTribune 8/17/12

True Lies: John Jasperse collaborates in search of beauty – Valerie Jean Johnson, New City Stage 4/5/10

TBA 2010: John Jasperse Interview – Claudia La Rocco, Monthly Portland 9/16/10

Jasperse’s new work looks at the stories lovers tell – Robert Johnson, 6/19/10

Choreographer John Jasperse’s piece at the Walker explores truth, lies – Camille LeFevre, MINN Post 5/20/10

John Jasperse Company, Joyce Theater, New York – Apollinaire Scherr, Financial Times 6/18/10

Dancing magic tricks and tricky questions – 4/11/12

Dance Review: John Jasperse Company at REDCAT – Anna Reed, Culture Spot LA 4/16/10

Misuse liable to prosecution (2007)

Milk Crates in the Service of Low-Budget Commentary – Roslyn Sulcas, NYTimes 10/31/07

Art in an Era of Big Gaps in Income – Jennifer Dunning, NYTimes 11/2/07

John Jasperse Pulls a Treasure From the Trash – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice 10/30/07

In `Misuse,’ Jasperse’s Dancers Make Virtue of Found Objects – Tobi Tabias, Seeing Things 11/2/07

No pussyfooting around evils of consumerism – Lynn Jacobson, The Seattle Times 10/23/07

Becky, Jodi and John (2007)

3 Dancers Making a Show of Their Age – Gia Kourlas, NYTimes 4/3/07

Next, the Toy Truck Will Plié – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice 4/3/07

Becky, Jodi and John Find Their Balance – Diane Botta, Columbia Spectator 3/27/13

Becky, Jodi and John – Susan Yung, Dance Magazine 7/11/07

Becky, Jodi and John – Francesca d’Ath, Supernaut 3/22/07

“Becky, Jodi and John” – Susan Reiter, danceviewtimes 4/7/07

talkin’ ’bout my generation – Philipa Rothfield, realtime 3/26/11

Prone (2005)

Three Perspectives – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice 12/6/05

Taking It Lying Down: John Jasperse at The Kitchen – Claudia La Rocco, The Brooklyn Rail 2/15

‘Prone’ explores the impact of perspective – Thea Singer, 7/15/06

John Jasperse Company Review – Susan Yung, Dance Magazine

Dance lovers won’t take this lying down—or will they? – Michael Clive, amny 12/8/5


Surrounded by Pianos, a Sculpture Overhead – Jennifer Dunning, NYTimes 12/9/04

Review – Brian Woods, The Village Voice 11/23/04

Review: California/John Jasperse Company at MCA – Iliana Kowarski, New City Stage 3/17/05

Stage set design for California: An interview with Ammar Eloueini – Melissa Urcan, Architettura

Landscape Moves – M.J. Thompson, The Brooklyn Rail 2/05

just two dancers (2003)

Points of View – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice 6/10/03

Two Dancers, 15 Platforms, Many Mirrors – Robert Greskovic, The Wall Street Journal 5/29/03

THE LISTINGS | DEC. 2–DEC. 8; JOHN JASPERSE – Claudia La Rocco, NYTimes 12/2/05

Performance blurs lines between dancers, audience – Brangien Davis, The Seattle Times 1/28/05

La aclamada pieza “Just two dancers” se presenta este sábado en el Teatro Mauri – El Mercurío De Valparaiso 1/19/05

Cosmopolitan colophon – Roger Rooms, El País 7/25/04

August kahe tule vahel – Postimees 9/5/03

Giant Empty (2001)

NEXT WAVE FESTIVAL REVIEW; Exposed to the Elements in an Existential No Man’s Land – Anna Kisselgoff, NYTimes 11/16/01

GIANT EMPTY’ FILLING – Erin Morley, The Lantern 11/8/01

John Jasperse Company – Laura Molzahn, Chicago Reader 4/4/02

A first in multimedia studies – Juan Parry, The Guardian 10/25/03

“Dem Blick des Zuschauers haftet etwas Pornografisches an” – Welt 9/2/03

Naked bodies in an empty space – WRITER, Hamburger Abendblatt 5/9/03

Madison as I imagine it (1999)

DANCE; Obsessed With a Vision Of Existential Despair – William Harris, NYTimes 5/2/99

Beyond Normal – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice 5/18/99

International Male – Jessica Guarnaschelli, The Village Voice 4/27/99