Opening the Archive

Opening the Archive

In 2021 John Jasperse Projects opened large portions of its video archive of evening-length works created between 1989—2018 with free, open access to the public. In tandem with these efforts, a 3-part series of virtual, contextualizing discussion events will frame the work. Each virtual session uses excerpts from the video archive to discuss the evolution of these ideas through the body of Jasperse’s work, while posing questions that examine where we are now with these topics and how they might evolve in the future–both in my own work and the work of current and future generations of dance artists.

“I have thought deeply about what it means to take this action at this moment in time. I want to be clear that I do not intend to center my artistic work in any way within the current cultural moment. Rather, I have decided to open our archive as a historical resource to be critically examined by students and others who might be interested in knowing more about my choreographic work over the last three decades as well as young dance artists who have particular interest in questions that the work has grappled with.” – John Jasperse

John Jasperse Projects’ Opening the Archive Series is made possible by the generous support of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural Development Fund, the New York State Council On the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Action and Environment: Choreographic Practice, Design and Perception

Featuring John Jasperse, Rashaun Mitchell and students at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts Department of Dance. Recorded on February 16, 2021


The Role of Tradition and Lineage in Experimental Dance

Featuring John Jasperse, Jeremy Nelson and students at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts Department of Dance. Recorded on March 17, 2021


Sexuality, Intimacy, the Body and Identity

Featuring John Jasperse, Catherine Cabeen and students at Marymount Manhattan College. Recorded on April 20, 2021